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Roman Shades

Modern & Functional

Roman shades feature over 300 timeless fabric and color combinations, coordinating decorative tapes and trims, an edited selection of shade and valance styles, and superior craftsmanship.

Looking for a window treatment that is modern and sophisticated, yet functional and customizable all in one? Well then roman shades might be exactly what you’re looking for! These window treatments have been peaking in popularity because they offer the practicality of a traditional blind, while adding a decorative statement to any space.

The process of crafting these pieces is involved to say the least. To craft just one shade entails a series of extensive steps that need to be executed exactly right. If any step is done incorrectly, the whole process must be started again from the beginning!

There are definitely some styles that are more frequently chosen by homeowners and interior decorators alike. The first is the simple flat roman shade. They are most generally utilized in rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms, where the shades need to be adjusted on almost a daily basis. While it is the most clean and tailored look of all the styles, it is also ideal for showing off a bold or large pattern.

For a more traditional feel, the relaxed roman shade is a great option. They lack the structure of a flat shade, so a slight bow naturally occurs in the center. This makes them an ideal choice for smaller windows (anything less than 54 inches wide), but you can easily use multiple shades side by side if wanting to cover a larger surface area.

Butterfly and balloon roman shades are a great solution to achieving a soft, luxurious look for your windows. Although different, both styles billow towards the bottom, creating richness and depth. They are meant to add a more decorative element to a room over practicality. Most styles have the option of being mounted on either the inside of the window frame or on the outside of the trim, however, the balloon shade can only be mounted on the outside.

Roman shades can also be customized to fit the needs of your space with lining. For example, if you want a more blackout effect in a bedroom, the addition of lining would be necessary to achieve that. It protects the fabric from sun damage as well as display the pattern more clearly. If choosing a woven shade, a lining will almost always be necessary. That being said, the drawback to lining is that is does make the shade more costly.

So whether you are after a modern and classic look or want to keep it traditional and elegant, you are sure to find a roman shade that meets all of your expectations. Choose from over 300 timeless fabric and color combinations, coordinating decorative tapes and trims, an edited selection of shade and valance styles, and superior craftsmanship.

Our service always includes free measuring and installation. Whether it’s a single window or an entire house, every customer is treated with the same high quality service.

How to Order
Available with cordless technology
A variety of fabric options offering differing degrees of privacy and light control
A matching, 3-inch, fabric-covered head rail included for an uninterrupted, finished appearance
Neutral-colored backing for a uniform exterior look
Available in a top-down/bottom-up configuration for multiple viewing options
Our roman shade lift system creates uniform folds and prevents sags or unevenness
Continuous cord system for reliability and ease of use
Available with a stationary arch for a more dramatic, distinctive appearance


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